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Thursday, 2 August 2012

A Couple Made For Each Other, But Not For Marriage

Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg play a couple who get divorced but remain close friends in Celeste and Jesse Forever. Critic Stephanie Zacharek says that, imperfections aside, the movie refreshingly shows the sadness of separation while refusing to see a failed marriage as only a failure.

                                       This is a news from usa that the easiest way to put divorce onscreen is to slap a couple of clearly mismatched souls up there and proceed to show them bickering over money, property, the kids, the family dog. Celeste and Jesse Forever takes the harder and more honorable way, giving us two people who genuinely care for each other, who are perhaps perfect for each other in all the ways you can list on paper, and who still fall victim to some essential loneliness that seems to be hardwired into their union.

                                        But Celeste and Jesse Forever at least tries to scrabble at the roots of what happens when two people who genuinely love each other are challenged with the necessity of parting. Like any self-respecting romantic comedy, it offers a selection of good second bananas, one of whom — a super-wired pot dealer named Skillz — is played with amusing jitteriness by Jones' co-writer, McCormack. And the film has the right and proper ending, instead of the easy, crowd-pleasing one. Certain kinds of loneliness can bond two people together even as it drives them apart. Maybe it's more depressing to watch that onscreen, in its concentrated form, than it is to actually live through it — life, at least, is spread out conveniently into days, months and years. And maybe Celeste and Jesse Forever sometimes works too hard at being funny-sad. Still, it's admirable in its pursuit of an unnamable beast that's elusive and fragile: The funny sadness of the whole damn thing.  Read More..
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